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OCMC News - Help OCMC to Minister to More People with Long-term Missionaries in Places Like Guatemala

by Orthodox Christian Mission Center (Posted 1/22/2018)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We recently received the following note from OCMC Missionary Fr. Juvenal Repass, who is serving in Guatemala:

At Agua Alegria (Joyful Water), Guatemala, altitude 10,340 feet, I celebrated the Divine Liturgy and baptized 13 infants. About 200 people communed. On May 28, I and several other priests went to Pebilpam, where we received 153 people into membership in Orthodox Christianity by holy chrismation (the number, as it happens, is the same as the number of fish hauled in by the apostles after the Lord's resurrection – see John 21:11). All of them had been prepared during a two-year period of instruction.

This was but one highlight from Fr. Juvenal’s letter! Scenes like this are playing out all over Guatemala as people flock to the Orthodox Church. The long-term missionaries that you have sent are making this work possible. Your help is needed to send even more!

Presently, there are five long-term OCMC missionaries assisting the efforts of five indigenous Mayan Orthodox priests and a handful of church workers and catechists. Together, they are working day and night to minister to the 120 Orthodox communities dotting the highlands of northern Guatemala and southern Mexico. In addition to these parish communities, there is also a newly-opened theological school, now training seven Mayan seminarians, and a clinic in Aguacate that is always bustling.

The Mayan priests and OCMC missionaries that you have sent are always traveling…always serving. They perform multiple marriages and baptisms at a time, bringing the hope, love, and joy of Christ with them wherever they go. More hands are needed. Your support of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center can get more long-term missionaries like Fr. Juvenal to Guatemala.

Two new missionaries are raising the support they need to begin work in Guatemala, but there is an immediate need for at least three more. It can take as much as $10,000 to recruit and train a long-term missionary. All the training and preparation ensures that that OCMC missionaries will be equipped to make a lasting impact that will plant the seeds of the Orthodox Faith and transform the lives of thousands of people. It is an investment that pays eternal dividends, and in Guatemala we need to make a minimum investment of $30,000 now.

You have an opportunity to make a profound impact in Guatemala and around the world with a gift to the OCMC. Please offer your much-needed support today. Will you please prayerfully consider a gift of $75, $100, or more toward this goal?

Not only will your donation help us to find the long-term missionaries desperately needed for Guatemala, but it will also help us to send the three short-term mission teams slated to deploy later in the year as well. These teams will teach the Faith and offer much-needed healthcare through the clinic in Aguacate. As a matter of fact, a gift of just $80 will ensure that a mother, a child, or someone in critical need will get the potentially life-saving care that they need.

If you want the impact of your gift to be felt for years to come, please consider making it a recurring one. Just imagine what $50 a month could mean, and how many people, like the ones Fr. Juvenal baptized on top of a mountain, could be welcomed into the Body of Christ through your regular gift in support of the OCMC.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, and thank God for your ongoing support of Orthodox missions.

In Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

PS – Your gift is needed, but if you feel called to serve, your time and talents are needed just as much! Please contact the OCMC today at 1-877-463-6784 or visit us online at www.ocmc.org, if you would like to become a long-term missionary or serve on a short-term mission team. People from all walks of life are prayed for and encouraged to apply.

P.P.S. - Another great way to further the Church’s missionary legacy is through a planned gift. Please remember OCMC in your will and trusts. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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