Be a Parish Ambassador

Be a Parish Ambassador

Help Grow the Movement

There are more than a billion people who have yet to hear the Gospel message. Yet less than 1% of the Orthodox Faithful in the United States are involved in the Church’s mission to share Christ with the rest of world. If we are going to reach these people, ALL Orthodox Christians will be needed to pray, give, or go in support missions. As a parish Ambassador, you can help broaden awareness of, and participation in missions, at your local parish!

What’s Involved

As an Ambassador you will be the connection between your parish and the mission field. You’ll be able to invite the people from your community to participate in this work in a variety of ways including:
Praying for the work of missions and OCMC Missionaries serving abroad.
Distributing and posting OCMC materials to the parish as they are sent.
Hosting OCMC support & awareness building events or inviting an OCMC representative to speak.
Equipping Sunday school teacher with materials that teach youth about missions

Becoming an Ambassador

The process of becoming an Ambassador is simple. The staff at the Mission Center will guide you through all aspects of your service. AND, once you become an Ambassador you will be connected with other Ambassadors all over the country so you can exchange ideas. But, first…

Complete an Ambassador Application

Send us a recommendation from your priest

Read through the Ambassador Welcome Packet