Mission Priests

Mission Priests


There are Orthodox mission priests all over the world following in the footsteps of the apostles, spreading the message of Christ’s love where people hunger for the peace and truth of the Orthodox Faith. Many are responsible for presenting the Gospel to people for the very first time. Many pastor several communities. Many are seen as THE source for help in times of need. And, many have families of their own.

Orthodox mission priest in Indonesia caring for youth
Orthodox mission priest in Ghana

The Support a Mission Priest Program (SAMP) of OCMC provides a subsidy to help these priests share the Faith, care for their communities, and provide for their families. For just $600 ($50 per month) churches, organizations, and people like you can support a priest serving in the mission field for an entire year by helping to subsidize his income.

Orthodox mission priest at a graduation
Orthodox mission priest in India presenting the Gospel

Supporting a Mission Priest is Easy!

Offer your online gift of support (any amount will make an impact).

For a pledge of $600 you will receive a bio of the priest that we’ll mail you for your icon shelf.

Pray for this priest you are supporting throughout the year.

Mission Priests Supported Through OCMC

The Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) program gets nearly 400 clergy in 15 countries support they need.