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OCMC News - Your Prayers and Support Are Making Many Projects Around the World Possible - Thank You!

by Markella Balasis (Posted 7/19/2017)

OCMC News - Your Prayers and Support Are Making Many Projects Around the World Possible - Thank You!
Your faithful contributions to the OCMC helps fund projects around the world that serve people in need. Thank you for your prayerful support!

Each year the Mission Center sends thousands of dollars contributed by individuals and organizations to underwrite projects that help the Church offer a loving witness to the Faith through outreach, education, healthcare, and more. We wanted to share with you some of the work you are making possible in 2017. Thank you for your prayers and your commitment to sharing the Orthodox Faith through some of these incredible ministries. Each one impacts the lives of dozens of people who urgently need your help.


  • Stewardship - $400
    This is the final year of a four-year program that Missionary Nathan Hoppe organized for the office staff. The funds are used for outreach to poor and needy. Each year, the staff have been expected to contribute a portion to add to the grant, increasing their own portion each subsequent year.
  • Protagonist School Spiritual Journey program - $1,000
    This is a voluntary after-school catechism program in which about 150 of the students at the Protagonist School participate, organized by Missionary Georgia Gilman-Bendo. The grant helped with costs of activities and field trips for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year and carrying over to the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Protagonist School summer camp - $2,000
    This was a week-long day camp in June organized by Missionary Georgia Gilman-Bendo for students at the Protagonist School. The grant covered most of the costs of the camp.
  • Beekeeping - $5,000
    The project will assist 30 women farmers in developing beekeeping businesses to support their families. It is overseen by Diakonia Agapes, the philanthropic agency of the Church in Albania. They plan to increase the number of hives and provide training on technique, marketing, and business management. IOCC has also provided some funding this year.


  • Healthcare team - $5,300

    Two short-term mission teams will be providing healthcare at the clinic in Aguacate this year. The grants ($2,650 per team) will be used to purchase medicines.


  • Youth team - $1,000
    The grant was sent in June for the short-term mission team in Medan. The team offered retreats and presentations at several schools.
  • Healthcare team - $2,500
    As in Guatemala, the grant will be used to purchase medicines for the short-term mission team in September providing healthcare at the RSU Theotokos hospital in Medan.
  • St. Thomas House - $4,000
    The St. Thomas House is a children’s group home in Bali overseen by SAMP priest Fr. Stephanos Boik Nino. The grant went towards the day-to-day expenses for the children.
  • Water purifying business - $7,280
    This grant covered the start-up costs for a water purifying business run by SAMP priest Fr. Stephanos Boik Nino. The business will provide employment opportunities for local Orthodox youth, and income will assist the community. This will be a revolving loan fund; once paid back, a second project will be awarded a loan.


  • Kisumu women’s retreat team - $1,000
    The grant helped with the costs for the short-term mission team in April. The team participated in a women’s retreat in the Kisumu diocese under His Grace Bishop Athanasios.
  • Nairobi youth team - $500
    A short-term mission team will serve at St. Clement Orthodox School in the Nairobi metropolis under His Eminence Archbishop Makarios in December.
  • Nyeri youth team - $1,000
    This short-term mission team will offer a camp program at the Makarios Children’s Home in the Nyeri diocese under His Grace Bishop Neofitos in October.
  • St. Nicholas Pre-school - $300
    This is a school for children 3-4 years old from Lokichaar (Turkana) and surrounding nomadic communities, overseen by SAMP priest Fr. Zachariah Echeme. The children would otherwise not have any access to early education.


  • St. Dimitrie program – $2,500
    Missionary Floyd Frantz oversees the St. Dimitrie program which provides addiction recovery and counseling services. Many of those in the program are currently or have recently been homeless or disenfranchised from family and society.
  • Protection of the Theotokos Family Center – $2,500
    The Center aids young mothers and their children, ages 3 months to 6 years, managed by Missionary Ancuta Frantz. Most of the women are under 21 years old, with an average income of less than $150/month. They receive counseling, help with finding employment opportunities, and material assistance.


  • Construction team - $12,000
    This grant helped with the construction costs for a school for the short-term mission team in June.

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