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OCMC News - Take Up Your Cross, Help Share Christ in Indonesia!

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 8/13/2015)

OCMC News - Take Up Your Cross, Help Share Christ in Indonesia!
In Indonesia a handful of priests have established ministries that are taking the Faith to an ever increasing number of people like these children who attend one of the Orthodox Christian schools. They have asked for OCMC’s help in sharing the Gospel. Take up your cross and follow Christ to Indonesia with a gift to the OCMC!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am writing today because there is an urgent need in Indonesia. You have partnered with us before to answer the call to share the love of Christ in other places around the world, and as we approach the Feast of the Holy Cross, please take up this cross, follow Christ, and accomplish the vital work in Indonesia that is now before us. As someone who supports Orthodox missions, we need your gift of support now to help the Church in Indonesia, a country that is only 10% Christian.

I learned of this need from Fr. Chrysostom on a recent visit to Indonesia. Fr. Chrysostom has dedicated his life to planting the Church in this, the 4th most populated country in the world! He has helped to establish ten parishes, a computer academy, a theological school, two nursery schools, two primary schools, three junior high schools, two high schools, and a hospital. Each of these ministries has served to welcome hundreds of people into the Church. But, the hospital and the growing communities of Orthodox faithful need your assistance.

The hospital was established after Fr. Chrysostom’s son was involved in a motorcycle accident. Badly injured and lying in the street, no one came to his aid. He died from his injuries, and Fr. Chrysostom started the hospital so that no one would go without the life-saving care that they needed. After all the work of getting a building, hiring staff, enlisting the help of healthcare providers, and purchasing equipment, the hospital was opened and named in honor of the Theotokos. Recently, however, the government has changed its certification requirements, such that the hospital’s expenses have increased drastically by more than $5,000 per month. People are going elsewhere because the government offers subsidized care only to certified hospitals. Without three months of these expenses covered, the government will not certify the hospital, and Fr. Chrysostom’s dream to save lives will come to an end. Please help keep this hospital open!

The need is great and the impact of your donation can be tremendous. Recently, an OCMC Mission Team traveled to Indonesia to offer catechism to our Indonesian brothers and sisters. They saw first-hand how hungry the Indonesian people are for the Faith. They met a young seminarian from East Timor. He asked how Orthodox Christians live in American society and how the Church grows in the United States. The team was able to share with him their experiences and affirm his faith. Just imagine the fruits that this time of sharing and fellowship will bear as this seminarian completes his studies and is assigned a community of his own in Indonesia! The hospital, the schools, and the team itself all serve as a witness to the Faith!

OCMC is partnering with the Church to send even more teams of people to Indonesia and to find teachers who can teach English there, but each of these initiatives can cost thousands. The lives that these teams and teachers could touch are beyond measure. We need your help to answer this call.

A contribution of $100, $250, or more will help make these things possible, but a monthly pledge of support will go even farther! Imagine what $50 per month could do for Fr. Chrysostom and the Orthodox Faithful in Indonesia!

Please prayerfully consider supporting the Mission Center’s work in Indonesia with a gift to the OCMC. Thank you for anything you are able to offer and for your continued prayers!

In Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

PS – Will you take up your cross and follow Christ by contributing to the OCMC’s efforts in Indonesia? The needs of the Orthodox communities in Indonesia are great! Please make a gift to the OCMC today!

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