Two New OCMC Missionaries in Albania!

“We are off to the races here in Albania after being warmly welcomed by everyone we have encountered!” noted Albania’s newest OCMC Missionaries, Steve and Theophani Sarigianis.

Their tenure in Albania began by receiving the blessing of His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios in person, as well as meeting other clergy this past Sunday after Divine Liturgy at the Resurrection Cathedral in Tirana. In the coming days, they will be finalizing their ministry plans with His Beatitude and the various department heads of the Church.

OCMC Missionaries Steve and Theophani Sarigianis

Steve and Theophani had originally planned to serve as missionaries in Kenya – but God ultimately had a different plan and led them to Albania instead. Their patience, flexibility, and faith are finally paying off, however, as they begin their ministry in Albania!

They were warmly welcomed by fellow OCMC Missionaries Nathan Hoppe and Fr. Stephanos Ritsi at the airport in Tirana on Thursday, April 15. The Ritsi family is also graciously hosting them while they search for an apartment.

Upon completing their first week of service, the newest deployed OCMC Missionaries shared: “We are so grateful for all the prayerful support of our support base, the warm welcome from Archbishop Anastasios, and, of course, all the help from the other missionaries in establishing us!”

Please keep Steve and Theophani in your prayers as they get settled and start their work.

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