Special Presentation “Seeing Christ in the Other” by Fr. Luke Veronis!

With so many difficult issues dividing us, now more than ever, we need to reflect on how we as Christians can bring healing to our society. Fr. Luke Veronis spoke beautifully on this theme in his presentation titled Seeing Christ in the Other.

Fr. Luke was the special presenter at the Virtual Missions Benefit on Sunday, September 20 hosted by the Orthodox Mission Team of St. Louis. He shared the stories of Archbishop Anastasios of Albania and Mother Maria of Paris, as powerful examples for us all. “All the feedback I received was positive!” shared Rosie Hartley, a Mission Team St. Louis member. “Some felt motivated to do more missions…[others] felt that [Fr. Luke] had answered their questions during a time of unrest”.

Originally planned as an in-person fundraising banquet, the Mission Team St. Louis crew decided to take a chance and make it a virtual event. The team’s president, Nick Dopuch, noted “there was much done behind the scenes” to make it such a huge success and that, “the entire event lends credibility to the old adage that ‘it takes a village.’” Ms. Hartley concluded: “Who would’ve known that a topic chosen before 2020 is exactly what we needed to hear today from Fr. Luke?”

If you didn’t catch the live event, you can still watch the full recording below on YouTube!


Watch the entire Pray · Give · Go Virtual Missions Benefit, featuring Fr. Luke Veronis

Please share this with your friends and prayerfully consider donating to support OCMC’s efforts of raising up and training long-term missionaries to bring that much-needed healing into our divided world. And, if your community is interested in hosting a similar event contact OCMC Events Coordinator Daniel Kindell at events@ocmc.org.

Thank you to Father Luke, the St. Louis Orthodox community, and you for your prayers and continued support during this critical time.

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