Revisiting the Sarigianises and Their Impact in Albania One Year Later!

Pres. Alexandria with Steve and Theophani Sarigianis

Teaching, leading retreats, coordinating camps for youth and young adults side-by-side with local Albanian Orthodox clergy and lay leaders, as well working with the church’s radio station “Radio Ngjallja,” have kept OCMC missionaries Steve and Theophani Sarigianis busy this past year. But most importantly, their missionary service has helped impact many lives throughout Albania.  

They've both been teaching at the Protagonist School, run by the Albanian Orthodox Church, and Theophani has a 7-episode Lenten series on "Radio Ngjallja" ("Resurrection Radio") that broadcasts both on Facebook, and on the radio station on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays! They hope to develop this into a channel for young adult ministry. And, they have been leading a Bible Study for young adults on a weekly basis. 

Now Steve and Theophani are preparing for Holy Week and Pascha, and are also looking forward to hosting their second young adult conference on May 14, entitled "Becoming Disciples of Christ: Fishers of Men", for all the metropolises in Albania. They expect to have 100 young adults participate! 

Please continue to keep Steve and Theophani in your prayers, as well as everyone they work with and serve in Albania so that their efforts will draw people closer to Jesus Christ. To follow or support their work, visit The Sarigianis Family!