Rejoice! More Baptisms in Guatemala and Mexico!

Fr. Evangelos baptizes a child in Guatemala

Incredible work is being done in Guatemala and southern Mexico, as 5 local priests minister to over 100 growing communities. OCMC is blessed to support their work with missionaries from here in the US.

Fr. Thomas Manuel, one of the OCMC missionaries, was ordained to the priesthood last June and now serves under His Eminence ATHENAGORAS of Mexico and at the direction of the local Vicar, Fr. Evangelos.

This past Sunday, while Fr. Evangelos was busy with the new seminary construction, he sent Fr. Thomas to visit a community in his stead. Because there aren't yet enough priests to serve at every parish, local lay leaders teach and guide their communities most of the time.

These lay leaders are indispensable, but as they're not ordained, they must wait for a priest's visit to offer the sacraments. When a priest finally visits them, he must be ready to celebrate a series of confessions, baptisms, weddings, and Divine Liturgy. When Fr. Thomas visited last Sunday, this was indeed the case, as several people were ready to be baptized and to enter the Church.

Being busy with so many baptisms is a great blessing, and we're grateful that missionaries like Fr. Thomas assist in the work of the mission in Guatemala, under the direction of the Vicar and other local clergy. Click here to support and learn more about Fr. Thomas and his wife, Pres. Elizabeth, and keep them, their work, and all those they work with in Guatemala and Mexico in your prayers!