Mission Sunday - Fulfilling the Great Commission!

2023 Mission Sunday


On Feb. 26, the eve of Great and Holy Lent, Orthodox parishes around the United States will observe Mission Sunday a time to renew our commitment to help “make disciples of all nations,” support those engaged in missionary service, and pray for others to come to Christ and His Church. Right now: 

  • 22 missionaries (and their families) from diverse professional backgrounds are serving in Albania, Fiji, Guatemala, Mexico, Romania, and elsewhere 
  • Over $1 million in funding has been sent to Orthodox missionaries and dioceses around the world to care for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people 
  • Nearly 500 priests in 16 countries are receiving monthly financial assistance to minister (oftentimes) to multiple parishes  

The Assembly of Bishops designated Mission Sunday as a reminder to us to pray for and support the people who are fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission,” said OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi. “But this is also our chance to contemplate why a missions mindset is vital to each of us and to the health of our parishes.” 

You can support missions work in the following ways: 

  • Pray for missionaries, mission priests, and those around the world who, like the Apostles, are sharing the salvific message of the Gospel 
  • Engage the youth in your community with special Sunday School lessons & OCMC Coin Boxes offered here or host an event in your parish to learn about OCMC’s work 
  • Give gift to OCMC in support of its ministries and making more missions work possible 

Explore our website to learn more about OCMC and its missionaries and projects.