How the Growing OCMC Liturgical Translation Program Team is Sharing the Faith Around the World

OCMC Liturgical Translation Program teamOne of the most vital parts of the Church's mission is making sure that all people can worship Christ in their own language. OCMC Missionary Jesse Brandow recently received the blessing to participate in an exciting project to help provide accessible liturgical translations to all in Spanish!

Working under the blessing and guidance of His Eminence ATHENAGORAS and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Mexico, Jesse has joined the OCMC Liturgical Translation Program, headed by Missionary Michael Colburn, where he will use the Metropolis's Spanish translations to create digital resources for the benefit of the entire Spanish-speaking world.

Dr. Colburn has done incredible work in both the creation of the software for this system, which is also the software behind the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's "Digital Chant Stand", and in the development of instructional manuals to help translators develop accurate liturgical translations in their own languages. He is joined by Fr. Demetrios Andrews and Dn. James Hargrave, both of whom are helping to create resources to train and assist translators, and now Jesse.

This project is already making a huge impact on Orthodox Christians around the world. By making the dynamic liturgical texts of the Church accessible to all, the translations provided by Dr. Colburn and his team can reach even more around the world!

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