Hannah Valentine — Orthodox Missionary in Albania (OCMC)




Hannah Valentine is OCMC's newest missionary in Albania.


Hannah’s family entered the Orthodox Church when she was two years old, and they raised her to love the Church and our Lord Jesus. From her earliest years, she desired to follow in the footsteps of St. Innocent of Alaska and become a missionary. After obtaining an Associate's Degree at Kirkwood Community college in 2014, she entered a monastery as a novice for five years. In the spring of 2021, she returned to her small hometown of South Amana, IA, for a time of discernment which would ultimately lead to her current missionary work in Albania with OCMC. 


Hannah has served for many years as a Sunday school teacher and camp counselor, and served in short term missions in Mexico, and virtually in Kenya. In Albania, Hannah is working with Nathan and Gabriela Hoppe to start a catechism class for high school students in the Protagonist School in Tirana. 


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