Great Lent: Co-Journeying to Christ



Fr. Anthony Coniaris, the noted Orthodox preacher, author, and former OCMC Board Member of blessed memory, once preached a sermon entitled: Christ’s Three-Part Recipe for Great Lent Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. He cautions us, as we enter Great Lent, that while these are all necessary and crucial elements of our Lenten spiritual discipline, they are not an end in themselves. Their purpose is to act as guideposts to bring us closer to Christ our ultimate destination.

Great Lent is often described as a journey a pilgrimage to Christ. A sojourn where we go “up to Jerusalem” to participate in Christ’s saving passion and life-giving resurrection. Where we travel to the foot of the cross and beyond to the empty tomb. As members of the Body of Christ however, our journey is not simply a personal one, but entails bringing the “other” with us. An Orthodox Bishop has remarked, “Christianity is a charter flight. It is not just about securing our own seat on the flight, but making sure that the flight is full, otherwise the plane won’t fly, and we won’t get to our final destination.”

As we embark on our annual Lenten pilgrimage let us work to bring ourselves and each other to Jesus Christ this Pascha. Let us “die” with Christ, so that we may share in His resurrection and live new lives. Explore OCMC's website to learn more about how the Gospel is being spread, people are being united to Christ, and how you can support it.



May Gifts, One Body, For the Glory of God!