God Revealed to the World


Scenes captured throughout the world where the feast of Theophany was celebraterd. The blessing of the waters in the Holy Diocese of Eldoret and Northern Kenya (top-left, bottom-left),the Orthodox Church of Albania (top-center, bottom-center), and the Uganda Orthodox Church (top-right and bottom-right). 

There is a beautiful hymn in the daily matins service of the Church that proclaims: “God is the Lord and has revealed Himself to us!” In these days of the Nativity and Theophany, we celebrate God revealing Himself to us through His birth in Bethlehem and baptism in the Jordan River. Our God does not stay aloof–far off–but humbles Himself to become one of us in order to raise us up to be reunited with Him. This is precisely the Good News that our 20 missionaries and mission specialists, and every program undertaken by OCMC, proclaim throughout the world! This is what you make possible! Thank you!

In 2024, we anticipate putting even more missionaries into the field and targeting new areas where the Gospel of Christ has not yet been preached. Our Liturgical Translation team is continuing their work to put the beautiful hymns and services of the Church into local languages so that all people may more fully experience the revealed God. We continue to add more priests to our Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) program so that local priests can concentrate their efforts more effectively on their flock, and we will continue to fund initiatives that support theological education, further establish the Church, and tend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of His people!



Get a taste of the celebration of the feast in the video above. Explore our website to learn more about how OCMC is indeed helping to reveal God to all people and how you can support our efforts in 2024.