Fruit of the Orthodox Mission in Guatemala

Missionary Jennifer Rice on her recent visit to OCMC!

Missionary Jennifer Rice

This past week, we were blessed to receive our missionary Jennifer Rice here at OCMC. While passing through on her furlough, she shared some stories and updates from the mission field with us. Among her updates was the story of a girl named Mati.

Mati is an Orthodox Christian in Aguacate, and she is deeply involved in the Church. Through the presence of the Orthodox Church in the area, Mati has found many opportunities to grow and pursue her vocation. She has helped with the medical mission teams that have visited Aguacate, served as the choir director for her parish, and is now beginning nursing school. Thanks to Mati offering her talents, the Church is able to grow in Aguacate; and thanks to the Church, Mati herself is able to grow too.

When the Church is planted in the mission field, it transforms the whole community, granting its people ways to offer their God-given talents back to Him. Mati is just one example of the fruits of the Orthodox mission in Guatemala. Many others, in addition to her, are also constantly finding their way through the guidance, opportunities, and love of the Orthodox Church and its missionary efforts.