Fr. Thomas Manuel's Baptism by Fire!

Fr. Thomas Manuel performing a baptism in Mexico

All in ONE WEEK - 11 baptisms, 11 chrismations, 9 confessions, 3 weddings, and 2 Divine Liturgies! With these, the recently-ordained missionary to Guatemala, Fr. Thomas Manual, was truly baptized by fire! 

Incredible as it may seem, it’s not uncommon to have so many sacraments stacked up together in the mission field. Many remote villages in Guatemala and Southern Mexico wait months to see a priest, and by the time one comes, there are usually many baptisms, chrismations, and weddings waiting for him. It’s worth the wait, however, because these sacraments are a gift that elevates people above the turbulence of their lives, and invites them into the Kingdom of God through the Church. 

Fr. Thomas brought this long-awaited gift to the faithful when he visited two Orthodox communities in Chiapas, Mexico. His visit helped further share the love of Christ, and was a great blessing for many. We want to thank Fr. Thomas for his ministries, and also to welcome our new brothers and sisters into the Orthodox Church! 

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