Forging New Pathways to Freedom through Christ

Floyd and the St. Dimitrie Program Staff

Pictured above is Floyd Frantz (back row, third from the left) and the St. Dimitrie Program staff at a local retreat.


Addiction is a disease that not only can cripple individuals, but it can also destroy families.  

For years, OCMC Missionary Floyd Frantz, a qualified addictions counselor, has been helping liberate people from this debilitating disease through a twelve-step model program which he developed in Romania based on Orthodox tradition and spirituality. His approach, known as the St. Dimitrie program, has helped many people over the years in Romania, Moldova, and Kenya unshackle themselves from the grip of substance abuse and addiction. The program also includes family counseling as an important component. 

Recently, Floyd has expanded the program to include treatment for gambling, internet pornography, and other behavioral addictions. In Romania, legalized casino gambling has recently emerged, but every country in the world today is exposed to gambling, pornography, and other activities which lead to compulsion and addiction via the internet. 

Frantz Family


Please keep Floyd and the millions of people around the world who struggle with addiction in your prayers. To learn more about Floyd, his wife Ancuta, and their missionary work, please visit

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