Field Update - OCMC's Newest Missionaries



The day ends with a prayer and hug time! The other day I got tackled by all the kids wanting a hug simultaneously. It was hilarious and very sweet,” reflected OCMC Missionary in Fiji, Ruby Maggard.

On Jan. 16, Ruby completed her fourth month of missionary service in Fiji with one of her major assignments being the establishment of a moms and children playgroup which she was able to organize and begin operating last November. The moms and children meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning for prayer, story-time, play time, music, and other activities.

Enjoying morning tea (left) and spending time with local families (right) are a few moments captured during Ruby's service. 

Ruby added, “My personal favorite is music time! Using some small props, such as bottles filled with dirt for shakers, old ice cream containers for drums, and scraps of fabric for scarves, we dance and sing to fun kids' songs.

Stationed over 5,000 miles away from Fiji, in northern Mexico, is OCMC’s newest missionary, Theodora Veronis. One of a number of “missionary kids,” Theodora is the daughter of former OCMC Missionaries Fr. Luke & Pres. Faith Veronis who served in Albania. Theodora was 4 years old when her family left the mission field and after graduating high school in 2019 in the US, she took a gap year and spent her time volunteering in the mission field in Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, and Albania. Following her graduation from Saint Anselm College with a degree in Political Science, Great Books and Spanish in 2023, she moved to Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage as an OCMC missionary working directly with the children there as a Tutor and Education Program Facilitator.

Theodora playing music on her guitar with some of the boys.

Theodora states, “I am so happy and thankful to be able to use my talents to serve in the mission field once again and ask for your prayers for me, our other OCMC missionaries here, the staff and volunteers, and, most especially, the boys we serve here!”

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