Dairy-Led Progress: Paving the Way to Sustainability in Nyeri


Outside picture of the grand opening day for the new Milk Bar and Snack Shop in Nyeri, Kenya (Feb. 2024). 


One of the primary goals at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center is to help establish the Church, and a dairy project in Nyeri, Kenya is doing just that. “I am excited to receive the initial report of the opening of a ‘Milk Bar’ in Nyeri, Kenya that helps generate income to support the Orthodox Diocese of Nyeri and Mt. Kenya,” remarked OCMC Projects and Grants Manager, Santhe Loizos. “The diocese, under His Grace Bishop PANARETOS,” continued Loizos, “owns seven milk-producing cows, and our recent grant has allowed the diocese to create a shop where they can sell milk and other dairy products directly to local people rather than to a commercial dairy. This will allow them to nearly double their profits and bring to market other dairy products that, until now, were not being sold.” The Orthodox Christian Mission Center has been able to fund such grants through the generosity of its donors like you.


Blessing the inside of the new shop (Feb. 2024). 

The store was blessed and opened at the end of February, and the initial projection's proved true in the first month of business, resulting in a 68% increase in income with the new model of selling milk and other products compared to the previous operation. “For a period of the first month, the business has been growing well,” the diocese reported, “though with common challenges of starting a business which are inevitable. However, with the guidance of [His Grace] we have managed to push forward well.” It is hoped that as this model sustains success that it will be expanded to generate additional income for the ministries of the diocese.

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The following photos were provided by the Diocese of Nyeri and Mt. Kenya in February 2024. Click here to see related posting by the Diocese.