From Coexistence to “Communion of Persons”

“You discover yourself essentially when you offer yourself,” writes His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania in his book, Mission in Christ’s Way. Moved by these simple and powerful words, Elaine Piniat began her journey to become a long-term missionary. This act of discovery and awareness is critical to each of us as we strive to grow in our relationship with Christ and has guided Elaine as she prepares to start her missionary service in Sweden. 

In his soon-to-be-published book, Coexistence: Peace, Nature, Poverty, Terrorism, Values (Religious Perspectives) Archbishop Anastasios further states: "What we experience in the domain of Christian faith not only contributes to harmonious coexistence, but also elevates and transfigures faith into something far more significant: namely, a ‘communion of persons.’ What occurs is a gradual awareness and development from existence to coexistence and from coexistence to communion." 

These words remind us of the role that faith should play in our lives and how important it is to bring Christ to others so all the world may live in harmonious communion. We are called to live our Faith and bring this harmony and communion into our lives, the lives of others around us, and around the world. By seeking to live in the fullness of Christ, which we discover as we offer ourselves to Him, we move from coexistence to communion. 

This work is to be accomplished by every Christian, but Missionaries, Mission Volunteers, Team Members, prayer partners, and those who financially support this critical work all contribute towards transfiguring our Faith into something significant – a “Communion of Persons.” 

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