Advent – Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Christ




In the Mexican culture there is a Christmas-time tradition called Las Posadas. In this tradition, a couple dressed up as Mary and Joseph go from home to home, asking if there is any room at "the inn." The question for us is, “How do we prepare this Advent to receive Christ in the “inn” of our heart?” 

Next Wednesday, Nov. 15 (Old Calendar Nov. 28) we start the Advent fast for the feast of the Nativity. It is a time of preparation to receive Christ and allow Him to “take on flesh” in our daily living. People should see Jesus Christ in how we think, talk, and act. Through prayer, fasting, and acts of mercy, we create a larger and larger space for Jesus Christ to work through us. This is both our individual challenge and what every missionary and mission ministry of OCMC endeavors to do – Bring Jesus Christ and His Good News to every human heart! 

As the troparion of the Nativity forefeast instructs: “Prepare O Bethlehem for Eden is open unto all. And make ready Ephrata, for the Tree of Life has in the grotto blossomed forth from the Virgin.” We are called to prepare during this Advent season to regain our place in Eden and partake of the Tree of Life so that through Christ’s birth He might raise us up from our fallen state. 

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