3 Years of Trekking 4 Missions – Bringing People to Christ

2019 Trek4Missions

It all started with 2 individuals hiking to the top of Mount Whitney. By the next year, hundreds more were part of this epic event: OCMC’s Trek4Missions

When the Trek4Missions started in 2019, OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi and OCMC Missionary to Albania Fr. Stephanos Ritsi invited people to sponsor their 225-mile trek through the High Sierras. In 2020, we were hoping to get as many involved as possible - but COVID-19 had just turned life upside down. Still, hope was not lost. We changed plans, we adapted, and we pulled off the 2020 Virtual Trek4Missions, which brought many more trekkers and supporters to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

At a time when church involvement was suffering, the Trek4Missions gave individuals, teams, and parishes a way to stay engaged in preaching the Gospel through their actions. 2021's Trek4Missions is continuing to offer that opportunity, while enabling our missionary work to bring people to Christ and His Church in the face of many challenges. 

With support raised by the Trek4Missions, we can train and send even more missionaries. If you're not involved yet, it's not too late! Visit ocmc.org/trek4missions to sign up!