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OCMC News - 2009 Coin Box Final Letter
by Kenneth D. Kidd (Posted 9/1/2009)

September 2009

Dear Sunday School Director,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Thanks be to God and to your parish for your participation in the 2009 Mission Coin Box Program and for recognizing the importance of engaging the young people in your parish in international missions!  I hope that you found creative ways to utilize all of the Lenten materials and that the Sunday school students of your community were inspired to pray for and learn more about their own faith and life in Christ through Orthodox missions. We are drawing this year’s Coin Box Program to a close, and I ask that you collect any remaining coin boxes and return the gifts that were collected in the enclosed envelope. 

Even though it is only September, we are already planning the 2010 Coin Box Program.  Mission Sunday, the usual launch day for the Coin Box Program in many parishes, will be Sunday, February 14, 2010. We pray that you will continue to participate in this program next year, and we look forward to working with you as this date approaches.  If you have any questions or are ready to reserve your coin boxes for 2010, do not hesitate to give us a call.

As we begin a new ecclesiastical year, I ask that you keep international missions as part of the Sunday School curriculum with activities/stories related to this vital aspect of our faith. Visit www.ocmc.org for images and stories from our brothers and sisters who are serving Christ’s growing Church around our world!

Thank you again for your participation, and please let me know how OCMC might further complement the growth and development of your Sunday School program throughout the year!

Your brother in Christ,


Kenneth D. Kidd
Annual Gifts Officer

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