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25th Anniversary in Accra, Ghana25th Anniversary in Accra, Ghana

This year the parish family of the Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Cathedral in Accra, Ghana, marked the 25th Anniversary of its founding. A Mission Team from the Orthodox Christian Mission Center was invited to join in these celebrations. This was also the 25th Anniversary of the first OCMC Mission Team to Ghana! The 1989 Mission Team helped with the construction of the Cathedral in Accra.Events surrounding the celebrations included an all-night Vigil, Memorial services, Vespers, and...

by Orthodox Christian Mission Center (Posted 8/22/2014)More
Interview with Pres. Renee Ritsi About 2014 and 2015 Mission Teams on Ancient Faith Radio.

Ancient Faith Radio's Bobby Maddex interviews Presbytera Renee Ritsi, OCMC's Teams Associate Director and Healthcare Coordinator, about some mission team opportunities for both this year and 2015. This interview can be streamed by visiting: http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/features/orthodox_christian_mission_center1.

by OCMC Announcement (Posted 8/18/2014)More
5 Volunteers Needed to Teach English in Kenya5 Volunteers Needed to Teach English in Kenya

There is a Chinese saying: "To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." An OCMC short-term mission team will be traveling to Kenya from October 27th to November 8th to teach English to students studying at the Makarios III Seminary, the Orthodox Teachers College of Africa, and the St. Clement of Alexandria School. Five more volunteers are needed to join this team and to present students in Kenya with a new window through...

by Orthodox Christian Mission Center (Posted 8/11/2014)More
Participate in WomenParticipate in Women's Ministry as Part of an OCMC Team to Albania this September

Here in the United States, clergy wives and women lay leaders lead some of the most vital ministries in the Church. In Albania, women are also serving as theologians, reaching out to children, ministering to families, and caring for those in need. They are integral to the Church's continued growth in a country that saw the attempted abolishment of all religion just a few short decades ago. This September, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) is sending a team of women...

by Orthodox Christian Mission Center (Posted 8/5/2014)More
10 Volunteers Needed for Short-term Missions in 2014!10 Volunteers Needed for Short-term Missions in 2014!

From Guatemala to Moldova to Kenya, Orthodox Christians from the United States have taught the faith, built churches, and led youth camps in 2014. There is, however, still much work to be done! Teams to Albania, Tanzania, and Uganda will be departing in September and October and the Mission Center is seeking the 10 volunteers needed to make these teams possible. Are you one of these 10 people? Do you feel called to share your Faith abroad? If so, volunteer now. Without you, the following...

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 7/22/2014)More
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God of truth and love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear our prayer for those who do not know You. That they may come to a saving knowledge of the truth, and that Your Name may be praised among all peoples of the world. Sustain, inspire, and enlighten Your servants who bring them the Gospel. Bring fresh vigor to wavering faith; sustain our faith when it is still fragile. Continually renew missionary zeal in ourselves and in the Church, and raise up new missionaries who will follow You to the ends of the world. Make us witnesses to Your goodness full of love, full of strength, and full of faith for Your glory and the salvation of the entire world. Through the prayers of all the missionary saints, Have mercy on us and save us. Amen.
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