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OCMC Missions in Romania

Active Missionaries
The Frantz Family
The Frantz Family
News from the Field
Serving the Disenfranchised in Romania
Serving the Disenfranchised in Romania

Poverty and lost hope for a decent life are the most difficult issues we deal with in Romania today. It is like a kid falling off a merry-go-round, but it is going around too fast for him to get back on. When someone in the States falls off the merry-go-round into poverty and disenfranchisement from the society, there are programs that help the person to get back up, to resolve their problems, to find work, and to re-enter the mainstream of society. Here in Romania, such programs are nearly...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 5/16/2014)
St. Dimitrie Program Update

Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits.Well, though I said that I would keep my writing short today, it is history day, so not very short. Some of you know the story of our beginning, but as we have a 10 year anniversary this year, I wanted to give a brief history of our project.Beginning in 2001 the St. Dimitrie Program began working with the Orthodox Church in Cluj, Romania to develop specialized services to help people in the Cluj...

by Floyd & Ancuta Frantz (Posted 7/21/2011)
June Update from Floyd and Ancuta Frantz

This is an update written in June...Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits on this most blessed feast day of the Ascension of our Lord.In previous newsletters I have promised to write some things about our other OCMC program here in Cluj, the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center (the PTFC). Essentially it is a project devoted to helping very poor mothers to care for their children so that they will be willing to have them if they are...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 7/5/2011)
The St. Dimitrie Post - from OCMC Missionary Floyd Frantz

Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits on this most blessed day of the Theophany, and for those of the old calendar, Christmas Day.A few weeks ago I promised to write about Botosani (northeast Romanian city with about 115,000 people), and what we were doing up there. Actually, I almost did not write about it at all, as it all felt sort of "routine" for our work here in Romania. However, many people even today do not really know what our primary...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 2/2/2011)
Semon Prayer Letter
Semon Prayer Letter

The Holy Three HierarchsJanuary 30, 2011Dear Support Team,My sincere greetings as we celebrate together the remembrance of the Holy Three Hierarchs. My friends, here we are already closing the first term of our missionary service. It is customary for OCMC Missionaries to come home after their assignment, and to return to OCMC for debriefing before touching base with family and friends. It is time for reviewing what I have learned from my first assignment so that I may...

by Christina Semon (Posted 1/12/2011)
My Travels to Albania and Kosovo
My Travels to Albania and Kosovo

I have been serving as missionary in Romania for about two-years. Recently I was able to spend some time in Albaina and Kosovo as well. It was a special blessing to spend time with OCMC team of missionaries in Albania. During my stay in Tirana, I saw the useful ministries that the Orthodox Church in Albania offers to the faithful. One of the most valuable aspects of the trip was meeting the Albanians, who provided an atmosphere of enjoying the present moment with each other. They told many...

by Christina Semon (Posted 11/3/2010)
OCMC Missionary Floyd Frantz Receives "Crucea Transilvania" for 10-years of Service in Romania
OCMC Missionary Floyd Frantz Receives "Crucea Transilvania" for 10-years of Service in Romania

On a very beautiful summer morning in the beginning of July, Bishop Vasile invited Floyd and me, along with Christina Semon, Fr. Marcus and Preotasa Barbara Burch (St. John of the Ladder, OCA) , and an OCMC mission team from the United States to attend a special Divine Liturgy in a small village outside of Cluj. The occasion was the ordination of Simion, who had been appointed by the Cluj archdiocese to be the new spiritual advisor for the St. Dimitrie Program.This small village named...

by Ancuta Frantz (Posted 7/28/2010)
The St. Dimitrie Post - Update on OCMC Missionaries, Floyd and Ancuta Frantz

Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits on this the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul. Here in Romania we are enjoying sunny but mild weather, and I am now back in Cluj after a 2 week trip to the northern regions of Romania, called "Moldova." I would like to share with you briefly about the trip, as it was most uplifting to me, and I believe that you will find it interesting.It started with Fr. Iulian and me doing a two-day training seminar on...

by Frantz (Posted 7/12/2010)
Beginning my Second Year in Romania
Beginning my Second Year in Romania

Dear Supporters,Doamne ajuta! (May God help us!)First I want to acknowledge that I would not be here another year if it was not for our communication through prayer, and God's love and mercy for us. Through your sacrifices and offerings my ministry can progress and adapt more into the Romanian life. I am touched in my heart through your participation with me, especially those supporters who have committed to monthly donations to make it possible.After Pascha my goals had...

by Christina Semon (Posted 6/22/2010)
June Newsletter 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,Greetings! I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits.Today is Saturday, and I am at the St. Dimitrie Day Center, just getting a few things caught up, and thought that I would like to write a short summary of our week. It has not been an unusual week, and going over it will give you a glimpse of our usual activities.We started out on Monday with Fr. Iulian Negru of Iasi. He and I were making some arrangements about my helping...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 6/1/2010)
My Closer Look at Great Lent and Pascha in Romania

During this Great Lent I was faced with new struggles; yet, at the same time, I was given new ways to take on the pains. Living in Romania, I would like to share with you more of my Great Lent and Pascha experiences.I had a tremendous spiritual blessing in that a monk who I became acquainted with shared with me some spiritual advice when I needed it the most. He suggested I ask myself reflection questions during my day to day life. From this suggestion I received a lot of...

by Christina Semon (Posted 4/29/2010)
St. Dimitrie Spring 2010 Newsletter

It was a long trip to the States, as I have just returned home to Romania in the middle of March. Actually, I was away from my work in Romania for over three months, building up our support team and prayer partners. Of course I was joyful at meeting so many very nice people from more than 10 parishes around the country; but I was also joyful, and relieved, when I was able to be back here at my desk at Casa Alba in Cluj. I'll tell you why.For one thing, I was relieved that...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 3/30/2010)
Semon Spring Newsletter 2010
Semon Spring Newsletter 2010

Hristos a inviat! Adevarat a inviat!Greetings in the Resurrection of the Our Lord Jesus Christ! Participating in Great Lent here in Romania has given me a deeper experience of my faith. Many of my neighbors truly kept the fast and encouraged me with Lenten recipes. Through the stricter physical fasting, it helped bring attention to my soul that needed to be brought to repentance, and to fight the good fight in order to participate in...

by Christina Semon (Posted 3/29/2010)
The Romanian Spring Tradition of Martisoare
The Romanian Spring Tradition of Martisoare

By the end of February, most Romanians get ready to celebrate the beautiful tradition of Martisoare on March 1st, as Spring begins. "Martisoare" are brooches that usually are handmade with red and white thread tied to them. The white represents purity and the red represents life. Both women and men give them to women as a symbol of the rebirth of nature.People had such creative designs! It seemed like the whole city was covered with martisoare. I tried to visit many places to see all...

by Christina Semon (Posted 3/6/2010)
Ending the Year in Romania and Beginning a New One

Dear Friends,Greetings in the Lord!I would like to share with you some events that took place at the end of 2009. I ask for your forgiveness for not updating you sooner, and ask your continued prayers that do indeed help me in many situations.First Annual Romanian Benefit Dinner for the St. Dimitrie Program and the Protection of the Theotokos Family CenterA little piece of history was made for both programs in December. That event was a benefit...

by Christina Semon  (Posted 2/19/2010)
OCMC Agape Grants to Assist the Ministries in Seven Countries in 2010
OCMC Agape Grants to Assist the Ministries in Seven Countries in 2010

The love that Christ's disciples show for others has served as a living witness to the faith, inspiring countless numbers of people to come into the Body of Christ. For over 20 years, the Agape Canister Program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), through its support of philanthropic ministries such as orphanages, feeding programs, and healthcare programs, has helped the Church to meet the needs of children, families, and communities in a loving witness to the Orthodox faith in...

by Kenneth Kidd (Posted 1/7/2010)
Ron Moore To Assist in Romania's Youth Camps This Summer!

Mission Specialist Ron Moore has worked with OCMC on Teams oriented to youth, children, and young adult ministry, and he has had a successful career in group/event ministries. Ron grew up on the mission field in Korea, is a graduate of Asbury College, and has done seminary coursework. He has a gift for music ministry to youth and has considerable experience in sharing the faith through outreach programs to contemporary audiences who may not otherwise be exposed to the Gospel. Ron served on...

by Ron Moore (Posted 1/5/2010)
A Year in Romanian Missions
A Year in Romanian Missions

Ancuta and I both share gladness about this past year of serving our Lord through living and working as OCMC missionaries in Romania. We have many things to share with you, but first of all I want to say thank you for your donations and support which make our service in Romania possible.One of the highlights from this past year has been the arrival of Christina Semon, who has joined us as a long term missionary. Christina has brought a bright spirit to us, and she is working...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 12/14/2009)
OCMC Invites Families to Experience an Orthodox Mission Team

For the first time, OCMC is offering families the opportunity to participate together on Orthodox Mission Teams. Four 2010 OCMC Mission Teams are open to parents and youth who are prayerfully seeking exposure to the important work of making disciples. Family Teams allow youth (13 and above) to travel with a parent to offer their time and talents as living witnesses to the Orthodox Christian Faith. If you want your teen to have an opportunity to serve others around the...

by Pres. Renee Ritsi (Posted 11/10/2009)
My First Romanian baptism
My First Romanian baptism

Dear Supporters, Greetings in the Lord! I want to share with you an experience I had in which I witnessed my first Romanian baptism. Here is how it happened. Wednesday at the PTFC we hold a meeting for the mothers. At this meeting they discussed their problems and listened to others. Then if the staff can offer some advice, they share it. It was my first time attending such meetings. Laura is one of the single mothers who has a son named Dragost. She was crying for...

by Christina Semon (Posted 10/23/2009)
An Act of Kindness
An Act of Kindness

Dear Friends, While living in Romania I want to share with you my experiences. Our teamwork is a signifcant part of this missionary work. I am grateful for your ongoing prayers and support! Recently I was asked to help with the transportation of baby items donated by a Romanian lady. I took two co-workers from the PTFC and we all went in my car. When we arrived at the Romanian lady's house, she greeted us and immediately showed...

by Christina Semon (Posted 10/21/2009)
Romanian Raffle Fund Raiser
Romanian Raffle Fund Raiser

I would like to share with you what has been happening here in Cluj-Napoca within the Romanian mission field.

The staff at the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center and St. Dimitrie Center are finding ways to raise funds within Romania to support the programs. The fundraiser has coordinated fundraising events for both programs. He is currently leading a raffle event at the local mall. We are volunteering to stand at the spot to...

by Christina Semon (Posted 10/21/2009)
'Getting the Word Out' About Substance Abuse

In late June/early July 2009, I had the great privilege of being involved with the efforts of the St. Dimitrie Project in Cluj, Romania. The St. Dimitrie Project is a treatment and outreach ministry which focuses on community education in and treatment of substance abuse. I spent two weeks in Romania during which, together with the St. Dimitrie Project Staff and its Director, OCMC Missionary Floyd Frantz, I presented educational lectures on alcoholism and...

by Basil Spyropoulos (Posted 10/19/2009)
Christina Semon 2009 Nativity Newsletter
Christina Semon 2009 Nativity Newsletter

Showing support which leads to a learning experience Since I have been here, I have received several emails and cards. It is wonderful to hear from some of you! Your words of encouragement are very helpful to me. Please continue to write to me at c.semon@ocmc.org. Thank you for your prayers, communications and support, they enable our teamwork in the mission field to grow. Over the last few months there have been several activities I...

by Christina Semon (Posted 10/15/2009)
Frantz Winter Newsletter
Frantz Winter Newsletter

Greetings in Christ to you our prayer partners, readers and supporters, Ancuta and I both share gladness about this past year of serving our Lord through living and working in Romania. We have many things to share with you, but first of all I want to say thank you for your donations and support which make us being here possible. We could not be here without you as our partners. (See the picture "Ancuta and Floyd") One of our highlights has been the arrival of...

by Floyd Frantz (Posted 10/15/2009)
September Newsletter from Missionary Christina Semon
September Newsletter from Missionary Christina Semon

My Life in Romania (So Far)

Thank you for your prayers! They have been very important to me because, in addition to normal enculturation, I have been going through several other changes in my life here in Romania, which I will describe below. I want to share with all of you my daily living situation since the last time I wrote. In the first week of July, I moved into another apartment. I realized that I was spending a lot of time on the other side of the city. I...

by Christina Semon (Posted 8/19/2009)
Floyd and Ancuta Frantz Spring 2009 Update
Floyd and Ancuta Frantz Spring 2009 Update

Each year in Romania more than 7,000 children are given up by their families to foster care simply because the family cannot afford to care for them. OCMC missionary Ancuta Frantz, through the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center, continues to give love and to care for the children of the poorest families by providing spiritual, emotional, and physical support for young mothers through her counseling program, which encourages keeping the child in the family. OCMC missionary...

by Floyd and Ancuta Frantz (Posted 7/2/2009)
Christina Semon 2009 Spring Update
Christina Semon 2009 Spring Update

Greetings to all of you from Romania! Since I arrived in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, I have immersed myself as much as I can in the language, culture, and relationships. Through the grace of God I have daily interactions with my Romanian friends such as buying food and asking directions from locals, and I attend church with them to gather spiritual strength. In addition to my daily interactions with Romanians, I am contributing some of my time to the St. Dimitrie Program and...

by Christina Semon (Posted 7/2/2009)
Making the Impossible Possible

Let's make the impossible possible! Today in Romania you can feel both enthusiasm and insecurity. Enthusiasm because we've had a few good years, and insecurity because the global recession is affecting all of us in the same ways. But still, there is hope! At the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center there has been, and still is, a source of hope for the 64 children and 64 single mothers who have been helped to overcome the difficult moments in their lives during the...

by Ancuta Frantz (Posted 5/26/2009)
Pascha 2009 Missionary Newsletter
Pascha 2009 Missionary Newsletter

Reflections on a Year of Transitions

I learned many things about myself during the past year. During the first week of Great Lent, we read in the Book of Proverbs, "Trust in God with all your heart and do not exalt your own wisdom" (Proverbs 3:5). This past year I learned that I am powerless. I had to let my own agenda – my own will – be dropped and smashed to...

by Christina Semon (Posted 5/1/2009)
Debra Hile: Short-term Mission Team Member to Romania

Debra Hile, an Orthodox convert and a member of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church in Falls Church, Virginia, is always willing to meet a need at church. When I am in the Washington, DC, area, I often visit Debra's church, and I have seen her sweeping the floor and cleaning the icons before joining the other chanters for Wednesday night Vespers. She also teaches a Sunday school class and is active in various women's groups. Recently Debra saw a need...

by Fran Presley (Posted 3/27/2009)
Journey with OCMC Missionary Candidate Christina Semon

After graduating from Binghamton University with a Russian Studies degree, I did not know what to do with my life, but I knew I wanted to do God's will. It was then that, through spiritual guidance, I embraced the flame that had been kindling inside me from the previous years. I decided to begin the application process to serve as a long-term Missionary with OCMC. Once I was accepted, the next stage of my journey was to build a support...

by Christina Semon (Posted 12/16/2008)
Nativity Update from Floyd and Ancuta Frantz

During this most blessed of seasons I hope that you can find some "spare change" for our programs. Ancuta and I have recently returned to Romania from our fund raising tour in the States. We regret to announce that our donations are quite a bit lower than in the past, and this will present a problem for us by early spring unless this changes. At this time I do not have funding to work in Moldova next year, other than on a very limited basis, and our regular programs need support...

by Floyd and Ancuta Frantz (Posted 12/15/2008)
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