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OCMC Missions in Mongolia

News from the Field
New Opportunities for the Moore Family
New Opportunities for the Moore Family

So much has happened with our family in the last few weeks! Thank you so much for your prayers, especially during the recent visit of OCMC's Executive Director, Fr. Martin Ritsi, to Mongolia. We had many meetings and discussions thoroughly examining this mission field and our hopes, as well as discernment of our next steps in ministry. Over the days we spent together, we considered Chris's growing desire to pursue future theological studies and began to wonder, "Could the...

by Chris and Jen Moore (Posted 8/4/2015)
Spring, Summer, Fall... And Winter in Mongolia!
Spring, Summer, Fall... And Winter in Mongolia!

We have wrapped up a busy semester with our university and high school teaching commitments. Most of the Korean students in the high school where Jen has been working are graduating and moving on to universities in Korea or in the U.S. It was a blessing to get to know this reflective, motivated, and caring group of seniors! She will continue to work with a small group of incoming seniors this fall, in addition to teaching two university classes in the English Education department of the...

by Chris and Jen Moore (Posted 6/23/2015)
Life in Ulaanbaatar...So Far
Life in Ulaanbaatar...So Far

Sunny days and lots of concrete are some of the biggest impressions of being out and about in Ulaanbaatar (UB) that we've had so far. And, oh yes, the cold that will make your nosehairs freeze together...oops...TMI? More than one person has questioned why we would come at this time of year. Yet we do feel like we get glimpses of what spring and summer will bring, if not in the climate, perhaps in the warm hearts of the people we meet. After being here a little over a month, there's much to...

by Chris & Jen Moore (Posted 12/8/2014)
The Moore Missionary Family Arrives in Mongolia!
The Moore Missionary Family Arrives in Mongolia!

Thank you so much for your prayers! We've arrived safely in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. We are doing well and adjusting to the 12-hour time change. Our 2-room apartment is lovely and came furnished. The past couple of days we've been purchasing kitchen items and a few appliances. It's been good to get out into the city for these excursions and for some general exploring. The mornings and evenings can be chilly (around freezing), but the sun comes out in the day and warms up to...

by Chris and Jen Moore (Posted 10/27/2014)
To Work and to Witness: Kurt Bringerud Reflects on Life as a Missionary in Mongolia
To Work and to Witness: Kurt Bringerud Reflects on Life as a Missionary in Mongolia

In a classroom in the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar, OCMC Missionary Kurt Bringerud teaches English to students from various walks of life. They are to Kurt as fascinatingly unique as he is to them. They practice their new language skills by asking one another questions. Bonds of friendship grow, which often leads to the one question Kurt hopes each of his students will one day ask, "What do you believe?"Kurt teaches English professionally in Mongolia, but his job...

by Alex Goodwin (Posted 7/9/2014)
Weather Extremes - January 2013

Greetings from unseasonably warm Indianapolis!Being in this central Indiana January of almost record setting highs and frigid lows brings on the reflection of different extremes in our own lives. Often Jen and I feel caught between two worlds: the world where we are preparing for full time career service in Mongolia and getting excited about our ministry there, and the reality of the world of our daily lives with full time jobs and local ministries.Perhaps you feel the same...

by Chris & Jen Moore (Posted 2/4/2013)
Nativity Greetings!
Nativity Greetings!

Greetings as we approach the Nativity of our Lord! Glory to Jesus Christ!We're in the midst of a busy December, as we're sure all of you are as well. Chris is wrapping up his music lessons before the break and has enjoyed playing in some holiday jazz gigs in the central Indianapolis area including a last minute surprise assistance with the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra at the Jazz Kitchen earlier this week. He also did his first oil change on his car by himself and...

by Chris & Jen Moore (Posted 12/14/2012)
Beginning our time as Missionary Candidates

We've been looking into missions in Mongolia through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) for some time now. We visited the Center this past February and again this past June to participate in interviews, training, and orientation. A friend from our church, Kurt, has been in Mongolia with Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, in the capitol, for nearly 4 months now. Father Job joined him in September, and Faith Young is hoping to join them in the next few months.Why are all...

by Chris & Jen Moore (Posted 11/5/2012)
New OCMC Missionaries Deployed to Fields of Service
New OCMC Missionaries Deployed to Fields of Service

OCMC is happy to announce the deployment of two new long-term missionaries.Having just been married, Daphne and James Hargrave will leave for their long-term missionary service in Tanzania on October 9, 2012. Upon his return to Africa, James will continue service to the Holy Archdiocese of Mwanza and Western Tanzania, helping clergy develop youth ministry as well as working on communications, translation, and other tasks at the offices of His Eminence, Metropolitan JERONYMOS. Daphne's...

by Emily Walker (Posted 10/4/2012)
Taxi Man Jack
Taxi Man Jack

Taxis play an important role in the business of getting around in Mongolia's capital, Ulaan Baatar. Similar to other cities, the way to catch a taxi is to stand on the curb and hold out your arm out at a slight angle. It's a relatively subtle act--you don't necessarily have to look towards the street or the direction of oncoming traffic to be successful. The effect, at least to me, was that you look as if you're too cool to care if a taxi really stops. Even if you were looking towards the...

by Thomaida Hudanish (Posted 9/27/2012)
OCMC Long-Term Missionary Kurt Bringerud Commissioned for Service in Mongolia
OCMC Long-Term Missionary Kurt Bringerud Commissioned for Service in Mongolia

As the son of missionaries, Kurt Bringerud heard the call to missions at a young age. His studies and acceptance of the Orthodox faith continued to lead him toward missionary service. During the summer of 2010, following his involvement in a Project Mexico trip with a team from central Indiana, God's call to international missions field became even stronger. After completing his training at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), Kurt was commissioned to serve as an OCMC long-term...

by Emily Walker (Posted 8/23/2012)
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God of truth and love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear our prayer for those who do not know You. That they may come to a saving knowledge of the truth, and that Your Name may be praised among all peoples of the world. Sustain, inspire, and enlighten Your servants who bring them the Gospel. Bring fresh vigor to wavering faith; sustain our faith when it is still fragile. Continually renew missionary zeal in ourselves and in the Church, and raise up new missionaries who will follow You to the ends of the world. Make us witnesses to Your goodness full of love, full of strength, and full of faith for Your glory and the salvation of the entire world. Through the prayers of all the missionary saints, Have mercy on us and save us. Amen.
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