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Statement of Consent/Release

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) may contact my parish clergy, any references I provide, and/or any organization/institution/affiliation that may have relevant information about my qualifications to serve on a mission team. I authorize and release from liability such persons and agencies to provide information and background verification as requested by OCMC in order to complete the processing of this application. I authorize OCMC to retain and rely on this application, and to obtain additional information as needed for my participation in a mission team. I understand that OCMC will maintain all information in privacy and confidence, limiting its release only to parties involved with the facilitation and implementation of the OCMC mission team assignment.

I am aware that my participation in a ministry of the OCMC is voluntary. I clearly understand that, if I am accepted, raising all necessary expenses (if any) will be my responsibility. I further agree, if selected, to conduct myself in a manner befitting a Christian rendering service to the Orthodox Church and Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

To the best of my knowledge, all information in this application is accurate and complete.


Contact Information


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St. Augustine, FL