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2014 Albania
Teaching Team

to 6/7/2014 (Team Cost: $1000*)

  • Institute – Tirana

    Earn credit hours while immersed in the daily renewal of faith in Albania. Witness the resurrection of the Orthodox Church after decades of persecution and study Orthodox Christian missiology. Under the supervision of Fr. Luke Veronis, adjunct professor of Holy Cross Orthodox Seminary in Brookline, MA, this class trip will visit the Resurrection of Christ Seminary and other ministries of the Church. Participation is limited to Orthodox seminarians.

    Experience the renewal of faith in Albania and the resurrection of the Church. Twenty years have passed since the collapse of Communism in Albania and the Church continues to be a witness of the peace and salvation that comes from knowing Christ. Visit and serve the ministries of the Church in Albania, and be a witness of the Faith in a country that is over 60% Muslim.

    Course Description

    The Missiology of Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos) of Albania and Practical Evangelism in Albania will be a 3 credit class. The course will study in depth the life, missiology and writings of Archbishop Anastasios of Albania and examine how he has lived out this missiology through his ministry in the Church of Albania. The course will look at the foundation and calling of missions, study the resurrection of the Church of Albania over the past 20 years, examining, and analyze how the church has succeeded in living out the missiology of the Archbishop and where the church has not yet lived up to this missiology.

    Mission practicum: Visit Albania and see the resurrection of the Church; see the variety of ministries of this mission; meet with Archbishop Anastasios and co-workers to better understand mission and missionaries and the indigenous Church leaders. You may have several classes about missiology and the mission in Albania, led by Archbishop Anastasios, and other key figures in Albania. Also included will be a visit to the Home of Hope. Seminar/classes will be offered at the Academy at Shen Vlash; a visit to Korca; and participation in some type of ministry – possibly evangelism at Student City in Tirana, a pilgrimage with students, or a seminar with the clergy.

    Course Requirements

  • In-class time (includes pre-trip classes, instruction while in Albania, and follow-up class upon return to the States)
  • Mission practicum
  • Response papers on the required readings
  • Reflection while in the field
  • Final Paper

    Students will contribute a portion of the fees; the Mission Institute of Orthodox Christianity will subsidize the remaining portion of the practicum. The class size will include no more than 12 Orthodox seminary students and participation is limited to Orthodox seminarians only. The team will be led by Fr. Luke Veronis.

    Contact OCMC or the Mission Institute of Orthodox Christianity for registration information.

    Dates: May 27 – June 7, 2014

  • * Airfare not included in Team costs. Team members must travel on scheduled dates; air travel to be coordinated with OCMC; ground transportation will be provided. Team members are encouraged to raise the additional funds to cover the cost of domestic and international travel.
    Team Members
    Miss Theophani E DamianakisSupport Miss Theophani E Damianakis
    Fr. Luke VeronisSupport Fr. Luke Veronis
    Mr. Demetrios ConstantineSupport Mr. Demetrios Constantine
    Mr. Nicholas P BirbilisSupport Mr. Nicholas P Birbilis
    Mr. Alexander S KarcherSupport Mr. Alexander S Karcher
    Mr. Alexander M LimberatosSupport Mr. Alexander M Limberatos
    Mr. Khader BaramkiSupport Mr. Khader Baramki
    Miss Fiona SterlingSupport Miss Fiona Sterling
    Mr. Emanuel SabauSupport Mr. Emanuel Sabau
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    Prayer for Missions

    God of truth and love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear our prayer for those who do not know You. That they may come to a saving knowledge of the truth, and that Your Name may be praised among all peoples of the world. Sustain, inspire, and enlighten Your servants who bring them the Gospel. Bring fresh vigor to wavering faith; sustain our faith when it is still fragile. Continually renew missionary zeal in ourselves and in the Church, and raise up new missionaries who will follow You to the ends of the world. Make us witnesses to Your goodness full of love, full of strength, and full of faith for Your glory and the salvation of the entire world. Through the prayers of all the missionary saints, Have mercy on us and save us. Amen.
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